Narrabeen Sports High School

Respect | Responsibility | Success

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Our school values platform

Everyone at Narrabeen Sports High School tries each day to base their work and personal conduct on the following values platform. As a result we hope to build a school community that has:


Caring Atmosphere. 

Enabled through: The recognition of and catering for students' individual strengths and weaknesses in a wide range of academic, cultural, sporting and non-academic activities in both formal and informal contexts.



Enabled through: The recognition and encouragement of accomplishments that exemplify the best of personal achievements.



Enabled through: All students being honest and taking responsibility for their actions, accepting the consequences and rectifying their behaviour.


Respect and Cooperation.

Enabled through: The provision of a clear and consistent system within which each student is expected and assisted to develop the practice of self-discipline. The development of community links that establish positive relationships with individuals and institutions beyond the school context. Positive relationships will enhance the quality of teaching and learning.



Enabled through: The recognition and practice of those activities which will best enable effective learning to take place for all students. The provision of a diverse curriculum which best meets the needs of student groups and individuals.