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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts faculty aims to give students intellectual autonomy in their abilities to aesthetically and persuasively represent ideas in the Visual Arts. The students will gain an understanding of how artworks are subject to different interpretations by both the study of traditional art forms and contemporary practices. 

There is a focus for students to think analytically and critically about all forms of visual communication. 

We encourage students to enjoy the experience of making art in a wide range of materials with an intention that recognises the art audience by connecting a concept through their artworks.

The Learning Environment

All Art rooms are equipped with a Commbox which allows for interactive learning opportunities and students also use their laptops for individual and collaborative tasks. Classrooms are spacious and well lit with opportunities for students to work outdoors.

The grounds and beach location provides a rich source of inspiration dedicated to creative activities which are used as a stimulus in a variety of artmaking projects.

HSC Results

HSC results in Visual Arts at Narrabeen Sports High School are consistent and majority of our student achievement is in the top bands of 5 & 6. HSC student Body of Works have been exhibited at the NSW Art Express annual exhibition and the local Express Yourself exhibition at Manly Art Gallery.

Narrabeen’s team of  visual arts teachers are both experienced and recent graduates who are committed to ensuring every student reaches their potential for each stage.