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Science Faculty

Science is a dynamic, collaborative, and creative human endeavour arising from the desire to make sense of our world. It provides an empirical way of answering interesting and important questions. Through science, students explore the unknown, from the unseen world of the atomic nucleus to the inconceivable vastness of space. Students will investigate universal phenomena, make predictions, and solve problems about the changing world they live in. 

The 2 main goals of science education are to: 

  1. inspire and nurture all students to be scientifically literate, which can help them make informed decisions, take responsible actions, and affect positive change

  2. build on prior learning and to provide strong science foundations for students to pursue future learning in science. 

Scientific literacy is increasingly important due to rapid change, globalisation and advanced technologies. All students should have the opportunity to develop scientific literacy. It provides a foundation for the development of students’ curiosity and wonder. Scientific literacy is essential to understand and respond to natural disasters, disease and the discovery of new materials and innovative technologies which shape our world. 

The Science 7-10 syllabus will build on the knowledge, skills and understanding developed in K–6 to provide a solid foundation for further learning in Stage 6 and beyond. The practices of science are embedded in the Science 7-10 syllabus and provide useful skills for all students regardless of their chosen vocation. A solid foundation of science in real-world contexts can entice students to lifelong science learning. 

Students who are proficient in science: 

  • know, use, and interpret scientific explanations of the natural world 

  • generate and evaluate scientific evidence and explanations 

  • understand the nature and development of scientific knowledge; and 

  • participate productively in scientific practices and discourse. 



The Narrabeen Sports High School Science faculty includes:

  • Cameron McDonald - Head Teacher

  • Lauren Wilson - Assistant Head Teacher

  • Nicholas Bernard

  • Ash Carter

  • Ben David (Head Teacher Administration)

  • Jacqueline Hampson (Head Teacher Teaching & Learning)

  • Christina Ling

  • Lidia Marrocco

  • Sarah Reid-Anderson

  • Jodie Chapman

  • Wendy Gaylor-Wiggins



The following courses are offered in Science:

  • 7-10 Science (covers Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Space and Physics)

  • 7-10 electives:

    • iSTEM (Years 9&10)

    • STEM (Years 7&8)

    • Bush Regeneration (Year 7&8)

  • 11-12 courses:

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Earth & Environmental Science

    • Physics

    • Science Extension