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Student Wellbeing

Supporting our Students

At Narrabeen Sports High School we aim to provide a safe, happy and stimulating educational environment in which students can achieve their personal best and where all members of the school community feel valued and supported.

The following staff support our students:

Year Advisers

Year Advisers are responsible for wellbeing and its impact on the learning of the students in their year group. They work closely with the school wellbeing team and classroom teachers. They are usually the first point ofcontact for parents in relation to any issues or problems about a student. Year Advisers are dedicated and an integral part of the school community. They work closely with staff and parents to provide the earliest possible intervention that prevents problems for their students.

School Social Worker

Ellen Stretton is our full time dedicated social worker at school. She works exclusively with students and her office is in the library. Students are able to self refer through email, a QR code or may be referred through a member of staff. She sees her job as “walking alongside students as they navigate high school and helping work out the next steps for different concerns or situations that worry them, while also advocating to make sure their voice is heard and teaching them how to use it.”

School Counsellors

Our school counsellors Sue and Renee support students with a range of issues related to learning, peer and family relationships, and managing emotions such as depression, anxiety, worry or isolation. They have postgraduate qualifications in psychology and are empathetic listeners who have the ability to make students feel comfortable and at ease.

Learning Support Team

Our learning and support teachers, Ms Campbell and Ms Agha, in collaboration with classroom teachers, provide direct and timely specialist assistance to students in regular classes with additional learning and support needs and their teachers.

Careers Adviser

Our careers adviser, Mr Wood, provides information, guidance and advice to help students explore their education and career options, create a resume, search for jobs, apply for jobs and/or apply for further study. He liaises with parents, teachers, employers, community agencies and training providers to support students with their future pathways.

Peer Support

The Peer Support program focuses on easing the transition to high school and developing communication skills, self-confidence and self esteem. The program involves older students meeting with year 7 students to offer them support.

Wellbeing Nurse

Wellbeing nurses are experienced nurses employed by NSH Health who work in our schools to help support the health and wellbeing of students and their families. Narrabeen Sports High School's wellbeing nurse is Ms T Devereux.  She can be found in the library on Mondays and Tuesdays. Students and families are welcome to contact the school to make an appointment.

Wellbeing and Health Nurse Coordinator Program.