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Personal development, health and physical education faculty

At Narrabeen Sports High School the Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) Faculty is concerned primarily with the development of the person as a whole and to educate each student physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually. To this end, the improvement of a young person’s quality of life is central to our philosophy.

The PDHPE Faculty aims to make a significant contribution to preparing students to take a responsible and productive role in society by developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for this to occur. Our programs aim to encourage an understanding and valuing of oneself and others, to develop meaningful and worthwhile relationships, effective decision making abilities, to promote lifelong involvement in physical activity and to foster positive wellbeing. These will be achieved by developing in each student a sense of self-esteem and wellbeing, movement skill and personal fitness, and an ability and commitment to make and act upon informed health decisions. In doing this, the PDHPE programs seek to cater for the many and varied learning styles and interests and the social, emotional and cultural needs of our students.

Of fundamental importance is the development of the 21st Century learner.  Our aim is to impart the life skills necessary for young people to be able  to assert themselves, to believe they can achieve anything they want and have the flexibility and adaptability to cope with change.

The explicit integration of Aboriginal perspectives, literacy, citizenship and other cross curricular perspectives into the teaching and learning programmes is also an important feature of the PDHPE Faculty as the decisions made by our students are either consciously or subconsciously influenced by other perspectives. The incorporation of these into teaching and learning programs must also rely on the wider community to establish a positive school/home/community relationships.

Creating and developing innovative PDHPE programs that are meaningful, highly effective and develop positive relationships between teachers and students enable relationships to develop based on mutual respect in a safe and supportive learning environment which is fundamental to supporting young people’s wellbeing. Building such partnerships will increase student autonomy thus empowering them to take responsibility for managing their own lives now and into adulthood.



In years 7 and 8, elective courses available:

●        Healthy Humans

In year 9 and 10, elective courses available include:

●        Physical Activity and Sports Studies

●        Child Studies

In year 11 and 12, courses available include:

●        Community and Family Studies (CAFS - ATAR)

●        Exploring Early Childhood (EEC - Non ATAR)

●        Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE - ATAR)

●        Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation Studies (SLR - Non ATAR)

●        Certificate III in Sports Coaching (TVET - Non ATAR)



Throughout 7-10 students have the opportunity to represent Narrabeen Sports High school in Sydney North Knockout, Sport High Schools Competitions, Grade sport and other competitions. NSHS also runs Athletics, Cross Country and Swimming Carnivals and has a strong presence through to Sydney North carnival.

Each Wednesday students participate in mandatory sport and can choose from the following options:

-          Fishing

-          Surfing Development

-          Trail Walking

-          Theatre Sports

-          Basketball

-          Futsal

-          Putt Putt Golf

-          Zone Bowling

-          Surfing

-          Skating

-          Running Club

-          Stand Up Paddle Boarding/Kayaking

-          Code 5 Boxing

-          Brazilian Jiu Juitsu